Monday, 10 June 2019

Using Workplanes

I have made a presentation showing the steps needed to use workplanes in Tinkercad.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Concept Ideas

I am learning to create a phone.

5 specification
- Curved corners
- Big enough for hand
- Water proof
- something to hold onto it
- not to flat

Monday, 13 May 2019

Labelling + Identifying Parts

These are the 3 different type of phones that have been created in either last year or are about to be released. What we had to do was identify the stuff that was on the phone but I only identified the things you can see from the image. This is the Uni-structural level of SOLO.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Project Breakdown

This is our project plan. For this we will be taking the steps to make our design. First we will be doing market research, then product research, then concept ideas, then feedback and so on until we get up to final design .The design that I will be making is a mobile phone. The phone will be a touch phone. The challenges I think I will be facinf is trying to shape out the phone perfectly. 


I am learning to create a timeline about mobile phones.
Today for Graphics we talked about timelines about phones.The design I will be doing is a mobile phone. What we had to do was get mobile phones from the past and do a timeline. The first mobile phone that was created was a Motorola 8900. It was created in 1973. There were other phones that were created after but we will skip all the way to 2006 when they created the Samsung e250. After that in 2008 the blackberry curve 8900 was created. Then in 2013 the Iphone 5s was created. And now in 2019 the Samsung s10 was created.What I found challenging for this task was trying to look for the types of phones that were released. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Science Reflection (Term 1)

I am learning to reflect about term 1 in science.
Image result for Science
What we first talked about when we first started doing science is that we talked about the science rules.

Image result for Rules

1. Bag is always under table's
2. Listen to teachers instructions at all times
3. Do not run or play inside the science room
4. Do not eat or drink inside the science room
5. tie up long hair during practical
6. Do not touch any equipment with no permission
7. if accidents happen report to teacher immediately.
8. wear safety gear while handling fire and chemicals
9. cover shoes always in science room
10. wash hands after every experience.

Some things that I learned about from science is about the Layers of the earth and also the meaning of things like:

Physics: Study of objects how they work, how to build.

Chemistry: Study of chemicals 

Biology: Study of living things 

Astronomy: Study of space and space objects 

Zoology: Study of animals 

Botony: Study of plants.

Image result for Volcano

What I learned about volcanoes was that there are names of the clouds and other things that come out of it. Also I learned about where the lava comes from and how volcanoes happen. 

Image result for layers of the earth

What I know about the layers of the earth is that there are four main layers and they are the crust, mantle, outer core and the inner core. I also learned about the things inside the layers of the earth and how hot they are. I learned that the closer you get to the inner core the more hotter it will get.

We also did crossword works and also other fun activities that I really liked doing. We also made volcano models from paper and we even did fill in the blank types of work.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Volcanic Model

I am learning to create a volcanic model.

Today we reflected about our volcanic model that we made in our science class. The model that I did was one that was talking about the ash plume which is caused by the interaction of lava and ice. It also talks about one of the boundaries which is called the Divergent boundary and also the Magma inside the volcano.

What we had to do for this activity was cut out the pieces then glue it together to form the model. There was another one which was talking about volcano itself.

How do volcanic eruptions happen? Volcanic eruptions happen from either other natural disasters or when the tectonic plates in the volcano separate. 
Is volcanic eruptions very common in New Zealand? if so why? Volcanic eruptions are not common in New Zealand because the last eruption was about 500-1000 years ago.