Monday, 26 June 2017

Toma - Why is fitness important?

WALT: answer the question we got which was Why is fitness important?
Why is fitness important?

Fitness is important for younger generations because if we don’t have fitness we could grow up being lazy.For example you don’t do fitness you just sit down in the same spot everyday.What will happen to if you don’t do exercise  Your bones will get weaker if you don’t move around a lot.

We can be fit by eating lots of vegetables and fruits.If we eat lots of these we could end up strong,healthy,active and more.For example we eat lots of fruits and vegetables then we grow up strong,Healthy like this guy.
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If we don’t eat lots of vegetables and fruits we could get risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems, vision problems and cancer.If we do eat these things we could we could get a lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems, vision problems and cancer.

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Toma - Kiwisport

WALT:Play basketball games to improve our dribbling and shooting accuracy.
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Today was our last day for our kiwisport session.First of all I will like to say a big Thank you to our coaches Pete and Hyram for taking there time to teach us the rules of basketball the position of basketball and games that are similar to basketball.What I liked about kiwisport today was that we played basketball games.Which was golden child and basketball.What I found challenging was trying to get the ball in the hoop when ever we played golden child and basketball.Why?Because whenever I tried to shoot it in it will bounce of the rim and go to the opposite team.My favourite part of the lesson was Basketball cause everybody in Room 9 participated in the game.What I liked less about kiwisport was my team losing alot.I found this less fun because it felt very bad losing most of our games.I feel happy now because I now know how to shoot better and dribble better.I thought that basketball today was challenging because my team kept losing.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

Toma - Tree planting


I am learning on how to make a video to reflect on what we did on Tuesday which was going to Paddington reserve and planting some trees.

On Tuesday Students from Room 9 & 10 when for a walk to Paddington reserve to plant some trees.When we were walking we started singing songs on the way.While we were walking my legs started to ache, but then after that it stopped.

When we arrived to the destination we arrived to the wrong place.
This is were we arrived but noone was there.

So then we started walking through the alleyway and walked all the way to Paddington reserve where we should've went.So then we kept on walking and then when we finally got to the destination.
When we walked through the alleyway we saw Other schools there.We were told from a man named Tamati that we were late.Tamati was a really nice and funny guy.Tamati told us the safety rules, and he also told us how to dig the holes.Then after that he told us to go get a glove then when we finished getting our gloves we started to dig holes and after that we had to say a prayer to bless the plants.We planted about over 10 plants on Tuesday.Then after all of that we walked back but we didn't walk back to school, we walked to Pt england reserve.Some of us played rugby and the rest played on the park.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Toma - Golden state warriors win nba

I am learning on How to reflect on how the warriors won the NBA.

Today I am going to be writing about the Golden state warriors winning the NBA.

The Golden state warriors have won their second NBA championship after winning against Cleveland.The scores were 120-129.

The warriors won game five 129-120 at Oakland Oracle arena.Kevin durant scored 39 points, while Stephen curry got 34.

The warriors won in 2014-15 but sadly last year they were beaten by the deciding series by the Lebron-James inspired cavaliers.

James Toiled hard with 41 points and 13 rebounds but was denied his fourth NBA championship ring.

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Toma - Technology Reflection

I am learning about how to draw my lines on my wood and I am also learning about how to cut wood.

Today I will be blogging about my technology.

Today for technology we did hard materials.For hard materials we did cutting and drawing.What we did for cutting was cutting the wood and cutting the joint.What we did for drawing was draw your lines on the wood.The lines were for where to cut.What I found challenging was cutting the wood because I was so scared that I could cut my hand or make my wood cricket.What I didn't find challenging was Writing where I cut my wood.What I am creating is a box.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Toma - All blacks vs Samoa

I am learning about what it is like winning your first test match.

The All blacks has beaten Samoa 79-0 in their first test of 2017.Beauden Barrett started scoring tries in the first half.He got a second try in the second half while Anton Lienert-Brown, Ardie Savea,Sonny Bill Williams, Israel Dagg, Julian Savea, Codie Taylor, Vaea Fifita, TJ Perenara and Sam Cane all crossed for the All blacks.

Barrett got seven conversions, while replacement first five eight Lima Sopoaga kicked 2.The test between the sides had been organised to help the All blacks prepare for the British and Irish Lions series.

Toma - Kiwi sport Reflection

WAL:How to improve our confidence.

Today For kiwi sports we played games.The first game we played was golden child which is when you will have to get into 2 teams then team 1 will have to go and line up at the Free throw line and try get it in while team 2 will have to go and line up in a corner then when someone blows the whistle that's when you will start running while team 1 tries to shoot it in.When you get it in then the person that is blowing the whistle will blow it then when the person that is running hears the whistle they will have to stop.Then when its golden child the golden child will have to run around and tag all the people that stopped If the other team gets it in the hoop and the golden child is still running then your team loses.If no one gets it in and golden child and your team gets past the other corner line then you win.Then when your team loses or wins you will have to switch around.What I found challenging for golden child was trying to win.It was so hard for my team to win because the other team had good shooters and they will mostly get it in.What I didn't find challenging was running around the basketball courts to go to the other side.

The other game we played was Basketball.For that game your coach/teacher will have to put you into 2 teams.Then when that is done you will have to get in lines 1 team on the other side and the other team on the opposite side.Then when your coach/teacher finish doing that then they will have to call out a number then when that number is called then that many of students will have to run touch the pole then run straight to the middle of the court then play basketball.What I found challenging for that game was playing basketball.What I didn't find challenging was running to the pole.

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