Monday, 22 May 2017

Toma - Blog profile

WALT: write a profile about us students

Malo e leilei my name is Toma and I am a Year 7 student that goes to tamaki primary school in Auckland,New zealand.My culture is Tongan.My mum comes from Houma and my dad comes from Ha'ateiho.I am in Room 9 and my teachers name is Miss Komor.I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers including me.I live with my family but not with my oldest brother because he is living in Mangere.My favourite subject is Maths and my favourite sports are Rugby,NRL, and Basketball.I have been to tonga.What I would like to be when I grow older is a soldier if not then I'll just be an Rugby player or a basketball player.

What I have just blogged is an blog profile.I never put up anything Personal because I could end up getting stalked.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading my blog profile.Please make sure that you guys can comment down below on what I need to work on next time.Bye 👋 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Toma - Technology

WALT: Reflect on what we done at technology.

Yesterday was our last session for food tech.I was so sad because we will be leaving Miss Tuipulotu.Miss Tuipulotu was an amazing technology teacher.Yesterday we made Blueberry muffins.When I heard that we were making blueberry muffins I felt so happy because it was gonna be my first time making blueberry muffins.What I found challenging was making the mixture. What I found challenging was trying to do the dishes because I was doing my group and group ones dishes.How was making the mixture challenging?It was challenging because me and my buddy didn't know if it  was ready.What I didn’t find challenging was cleaning.I never found cleaning challenging because there was only small dishes to clean.I felt sad yesterday because it was our last session with Miss Tuipulotu.I also felt happy because at the end of the session we got to eat our blueberry muffins.

Here are the ingredients from when we made blueberry muffins:

- Blueberries
- Butter
- Milk
- Baking Flour
- Egg
- Yoghurt

These are the materials that were used in technology:

- Big Bowl/Small Bowl
- Plastic Scraper
- Whisk
- Muffin Tray
- Wooden Spoon

Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading my reflection about Technology.Please make sure that you guys comment down below on what I need to work on next time I blog.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Toma - Mothers day card 2k17

I am learning to create a card for my mum for mothers day.

What I found challenging for this activity was thinking about my mum.Why? because there was lots of things that my mum has done for me.What I found easy was looking for the bible verse.Why? because all I had to do was search up bible verses for mothers and it came up with that verse.

Hopefully you guys can help me out and comment down below what I need to work on next time.Thanks for reading my mothers day card.Bye 😁

Toma - Solo Taxonomy - Should we eat less sugar

WALT: Use Solo taxonomy to critically summarize an article/text.

Today for reading me and my buddy sifa did and solo taxonomy presentation. It was about should we eat less sugar.My thoughts about this article was that we should eat less sugar because lots of people are getting diabetes and diseases and this is because of the to much sugar.My feelings about eating less sugar is that we need to stop eating lots of sugar before we end up in hospital.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Toma - Reducing their impact on our country

Reducing their impact on our country.

I am learning to Reduce a impact on our country

Something that our country needs to work on is stopping crime.I think that our country needs to stop crime.Why? Because Lots of Adults and kids are dying From murder. And those adults could have children and if you kill a parent than their child or children's will have to go and stay with other family members instead of living with their Parents.

Another thing that our country needs to work on is stopping gangs.I think that our country needs to stop gangs.Why? Cause whenever other gangs meet each other they will sometimes fight and fighting is bad cause you could end up dying or end up with a broken bone.For example there is a gang called south side and another gang called east side and they both meet each other at polyfest and then they will start seeing each other and then they start saying “south side” and the other gang says “East side” then they will make a fight and start fighting then someone could end up dying. That is why we should stop gangs.

My last thing that our country needs to work on is Pollution.Our country needs to work on cleaning New zealand. Why? Our country needs to stop pollution cause some adults and children are dying from breathing bad air.So that means that you could end up dying from eating rubbish.For example someone throws rubbish into the sea then a fish eats it then you end up catching a fish and then you go home and eat it.Another example for air pollution is that lots of people throws rubbish onto the ground and then that goes around and then people can smell the bad air then they could end up dying or end up going to the hospital.
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Gang east
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Gang south
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crime murder
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Toma - Kiwi sport

I am learning to reflect on on what I did at Kiwi sport

Today for Kiwi sport we did basketball.Our coach's name was coach Peter and the other one was coach Hyrum. At Kiwi sport we had get into buddies. My buddy was Tevita. What we had to do with our buddy was do chest passes,bounce passes, and overhead passes.

After that we played this game called Miami drills we had 2 teams.For me that game was so challenging cause we to form a zigzag and the people all the way at the front had to run straight through the zigzag and pass the ball to the people that has formed the zigzag and then when they are all the way at the end they will have to do a shot into the basketball hoop.

The other game was called ball tag when you will have to pass the ball around and tag your opponent.We had 2 teams boys vs girls but the boys that were wearing yellow had to go to the girls side.But when the boys came back to our team we won.

What I found challenging today for basketball was the Miami drills.I found that challenging cause me and my team were struggling. What I found not so challenging was the passes. I never found that challenging cause all we had to do was just pass the balls to each other.

I felt happy because I now know some drills for basketball.My thoughts about Kiwi Sports is that it was Fun,cool, and awesome.

Here are some photos of Kiwi sports:

Thank you guys for reading my reflection from basketball. Hopefully you guys can comment down below and tell me what I need to work on next time I blog