Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Reflection: Te oro

This is our reflection of Te oro. In this presentation there will be a video for you guys to see. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this presentation and video.Please comment down below to help me out with what Me or me and my friends need to work on next time.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Tevita and Toma Digital Dig 2017

Today we had Cybersmart with our Cybersmart teacher called Mrs Sherring.I was learning to keep my password safe and I have finish this task with my Mate/Buddy his name was called Toma we have our slide we were doing was Digital Dig.What I am looking forward for next week cybersmart is to change my password because people knows my password and I am so scared if the Hack it.What I found challenging today was Making a sentence and take some word off and make the letter my password like (EXAMPLE) I went to the shop.And they take all the second  letters off and make the first letter and just put the 1 letter and make it ass a password so it will be IWTTS stand for I went to the shop.If you guys don't know what a digital dig means it means digging deep for information.

Cyclone hits north Queensland

Today is a very sad day for north Queensland. Why? because there is going to be a cyclone hitting their area.I'm not quite sure why this is happening but the forecast is expecting wind gusts near the centre of up to 275 kilometres per hour.Lots of high tides are also expecting when this is happening the article says 2.5 above normal tides.This is so sad because lots of people are getting told to evacuate from their houses.This cyclone will be the fifth to hit north Queensland I think.The government is urging people to stay indoors before they get hurt.This cyclone is called cyclone debbie I think this cyclone will be a big one because the article says that because this cyclone debbie is so large it could take up 18 hours for the cyclone's core to pass.

Image result for cyclone debbie core

Image result for cyclone debbie

Reuse and attribute an image

WALT: share our learning about Cybersmart and also reuse, and attribute an image.
Today I got to finish me and my buddies Reuse and attribute an image work.What I found challenging was going on google and looking for images.Another thing I found challenging was searching for the type of license. It was challenging because I had to search for the type of License.A thing that wasn't challenging was searching up the image. Another thing I found not challenging was getting the author's name.
Please leave a comment on what I did wrong and good. Thanks for reading. Bye ✋

Friday, 24 March 2017

Cybersmart: Poster

I am learning to create posters for cybersmart to share around the world so people can know what these things mean.

This is my poster for cybersmarts hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it. I put lots of effort into this piece of work.This is my poster that I just finished doing on the left side that is what I did for CTRL + Z  on the Right side that is my work that I did for CTRL + T.

Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this piece of work from me. please leave a comment to tell me what I did wrong. bye :)

Toma Reflection: Polyfest

I am learning to reflect on what I did on thursday.

During this piece of writing I will be writing about the Year 7 and 8 Kia manawanui experience on Thursday of week 7 term 1.The purpose of this Whanaungatanga Experience was to communicate as one and have fun with each other.My second purpose will be to participate in all of the activities.I learnt that communicating as one will be fun because if you don’t have lots of people it will be less people to play with and it will be quite boring with small players.I saw students showing Manaakitanga I also saw people having lots of fun participating in the activities the teachers gave us.

On thursday 16th of March 2017 we went polyfest.I felt Nervous because I knew that there will be lots of people.How did I know that? I knew that because I’ve heard on google that polyfest is the biggest polynesian festival in the whole wide world.I also felt excited because I knew that I will be watching lots of performances and also eating lots of cultural food.

What I wished we could’ve done was spot light. Why? Because I wanted to build relationship with new people, I wanted other people to participate in the game,learning from my fears which is the dark,and having fun with my peers in my group, and making the right choices.

What did I enjoy on thursday ? I enjoyed every single thing especially the time when we're on news hub.we did but right now I will just be giving you 1. That 1 thing will be polyfest, obviously because I got to see other people perform for their culture and I got to get nice cultural food.Right now I will be giving you guys 2 performances that I liked and why I liked it.

The first thing will be the maori group. Why? Because they were all giving it ago and not only that they were also representing their culture by going up on stage and doing what they have learnt on the past few weeks or days.My second favourite performance was the indian group. Why? I liked the indian group because I knew that they put lots of effort into it. Another reason why I liked the indian group was that I saw them all trying their best even though they were all tired.

What I’ve learnt through this hole thing is to always try your best even though you're tired, I also learnt was To never give up, another thing I learnt is that whenever you go up on stage in front of lots of people try your best to represent that culture that you choose to represent. For example you join the Tongan group and everyone in your group is trying there best to represent that group.

Here are some photo's of the kapa haka group and news hub:

Maori Group

News hub

                                                                    Friends at flava


Photo of the yr 7/8

Friday, 10 March 2017

A Bee-tastic Record

I am learning to read articles from the website kiwi kids news.

Today I read an world record that was broken in May 2014,When I saw this I was so shocked because who would do this who would get stinged from lots of bees.I can't believe that a chinese beekeeper tried it out. The article says that a man called Ruan Liangming was smeared with honey and covered in bees, wearing no shirt and with only cotton earplugs for protection.Ruan Liangming has kept bees for 19 years, Ruan said that he was brave and understands their habits and other things.The time Ruan did was 53 minutes and 34 seconds covered in the bees before he had to shake them off when his legs went numb.Guinness World Record officials were there to officiate the record.
Check out the video below↘                             ↓                                       ↙
Please leave a comment with what I did wrong in this blog post.Thank you guys for reading this blog post from me and I will catch you guys up next time.