Friday, 1 December 2017

Toma - Movie reflection (Wonder)

I am learning to reflect about the movie we watched wonder.

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Today we went to sylvia park hoyts to watch the movie wonder.The teachers that took us said that one person in our group can take a bag of snakes there so we can eat while watching the movie.Before the movie everybody was already eating their snakes while me and my friends were saving it until the movie started.The movie came on and everybody was so excited.The key message I thought that the author/director wanted us to know was to accept people who they are no matter how they look.My favourite part of the film was when Auggie and his new friends got into a fight with 7th graders.The lesson that I was taught when I was watching the movie was to not judge people for how the way they look.

What I found challenging was tryna watch the movie because lots of people tried to talk to me.What I didn't find challenging was finishing the snakes with my friends.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading my blogpost for today.Feel free to leave a comment down below on what I need to work on next time.Bye :)

The characters in the movie were.

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